Saturday, December 26, 2009

the sally gap hoodie!

previously i mentioned a little lake in ireland.

six or seven weeks ago, i decided to make a sweater that tried to capture the same shade of blue.

i think i've done it!

this one is a little bit of cabling, to be reminiscent of an aran sweater, but not so much cabling that i want to poke my eyes out. the cable crosses were every third row, instead of every row or every other row; so that made it a bit easier to handle.

There is cabling on the sleeves as well, so that alleviates the stressed stitches usually found in raglan style sweaters.

there is only one teeny weeny mistake that is easily corrected- one sleeve is short a cable repeat so it's about 3/4 inch shorter than the other, and the cuff is done with larger needles on that sleeve, so it's a bit too loose, but that's super easy to fix- i'll do so in few days or so.

Friday, December 18, 2009

at the risk of being a broken record....

I do love those Bouncing Souls.

THE BOUNCING SOULS "Airport Security"

Bouncing Souls | MySpace Music Videos

They are soooooo good. They have such good stuff. So true to themselves and their place in the "here and now". Agreed, as they get old, they get a teeny bit less frenetic, but they are no less emotional, original, and creative than they were twenty years ago.

The latest album is a 20 year anniversary album; called Ghosts of the Boardwalk. It's pretty good. It's got anthems and acoustics; harmony and pounders; thoughtful lyrics and some that are just for fun.

If I were a Jersey Girl, I would be at every single show at the Stone Pony next week; alas, I'm a Masshole, so while I take East Coast F*#k You directly to heart, I think it's better to let the locals have all the fun.

It's hard for me to pick a Bouncing Souls Best playlist; even harder to pick a favorite album, which is as near as makes no difference to impossible. I suppose I would have to go with most played souls album. What is it? Dunno really. Probably the self titled, but it could be Hopeless Romantic, Summer Vacation, Maniacal Laughter, or even the Gold Record. The Gold Record is a top drawer album- especially considering that it's one of the later albums. Often the later work of musicians can be the weaker of the library; but not so the Souls. I'm not sure yet if Boardwalk stacks up yet, but I didn't skip any tracks, so that's a good sign, isn't it?