Monday, May 07, 2007

Hey Roger! Get Stuffed!

NOW HERE THIS! under no circumstances have i ever wanted Roger Clemens back as a red sox pitcher. you will never, ever, ever be able to find a place in time where i have said, boy it's too bad... Not once, not ever.

he is a jerk. he's arrogant, he's over paid, he's full of himself and i do not want him to play for my team. i have never once wanted him to play for my team since he left. not once ever did i cheer for him when he pitched at fenway as a yankee, a blue jay or an astro. not once. not even begrudgingly. I was at that game a few seasons ago, I think it was when pedro pitched against clemens in july of 2004. and the whole park was yelling Roger!.... roger!..... roger!.... YOU SUCK! i liked that. then we smoked him that game. that was nice.

In 2004 he couldn't even say, boy it's nice they finally won a World Series. he couldn't even conceed that it might have been nice to be a part of the team that finally won. because being a big person is a foreign concept to him. he has no loyalty- not even to the astros- supposedly a team that had an emotional draw for him because he's from texas, and his family is there. whoops, gotta go- more money elsewhere, more fame in the bronx. better press coverage on the YES network.

Sure, roger clemens is a very skilled and rediculously talented pitcher. but he's an asshole, any way you slice it. I for one, am so pleased he's not back in boston, because i would not be able to deal with all the media and fans tripping over themselves to gush and kowtow and shower him with platitudes. He's a guy who wrote the book on me-me-me-me-ism. And I can't wait to see him get smoked again, by the sox, by tampa bay, baltimore, toronto or whomever.

Friday, May 04, 2007

If I could do a Cartwheel...

I surely would! I just completed the booking for our trip to Ireland!

Mom and I are going along with Dad and Marianne so they can run the marathon. Personally, I think running a marathon is a bit daft, but 'tis ok! After all, it is the Dublin Marathon.

So now I just have to endure another six months of waiting. But between now and then I'll have to find a place to stay, and book the coach trip to the Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim.
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  • Besides that, I'll have to start Practice Packing, agonizing over knitting needles and DVD players on board the aircraft, and printing maps and itineraries.

    Plus, Dad and Marianne will have to start really training, now that we all have our tickets there's no backing out! Mom will have to start reviewing her journal and organizing the one for this trip. There's a lot to do in six months!

    Hoo hoo hoo! I can hardly wait. This time it's a long trip; ten days! But it works out to only be six days of vacation from work, because there are two weekends worked in.

    Gosh, I wish I could do a cartwheel!