Thursday, September 24, 2009

here is my list of things to accomplish this fall.

i'd better get on the stick, because today is september 24, and the list is pretty long. Gah!

knitting projects:

1. dayflower cardigan, using the stupid Rowan felted tweed that i made into the cabled raglan and haven't worn once.
2. Jade cabled hoodie using the super fab knitpicks kettle dyed wool of the andes
3. i must finish mom's pullover. it would be super fantastic if i could do so for christmas but alas, as it has sat untouched for two whole years now, i rather think that's not in the cards.
4. christmas hats for the kids. i've got some done, one i'm on the fence over. if it doesn't look a bit better after a trip through the washer, i'm going to skip hats for the girls, and only make them for the boys.
5. I'm so close to completion on the stripey socks i can taste it. trouble is, the project is so exceptionally BORING that i can hardly bring myself to complete even the last bit of the toe on the second sock. I'm still not too sure why people are SO enamored with knitting socks.

and there's more!

there are other projects too!

Argh! how am i possibly going to get all of this completed?

household projects
1. paint the cabinet boxes
2. paint the livingroom and bedroom
3. replace the dishwasher and fridgerator

work projects
1. study for the pharmacy tech exam! that's on december 3! I have to get back at studying.
2. complete the cbt's for the new fill system at cvs.

social projects:
1. christmas shopping
2. open house viewing
3. confirmation classes with catha

Friday, September 11, 2009

i have to admit, i didn't realise...

until i arrived at work. Is that a sign of complacency, or of recovery? The thing is I don't think it's adequate enough to remember September 11 just on the anniversary. And I don't think it's appropriate to simply remember those who lost their lives. I really feel that we must live our lives in honor of and as a legacy them.

We are no further forward in world stability and serenity than we were nine years ago. Is that down to the politicians? Perhaps. Probably. But i also have to admit, I think it also falls down a little bit on us.

I know in my heart of hearts that the way to world peace is open-minded compassion and caring. I know it takes two to tango, and if only one person at the pugilistic party holds these to be self-evident then they have a rather tall order, but I don't care. I'm going to be that idealist. I hold a serious responsibility to look after my fellow man (even when they make me angry); and if Ii can't look after him, then do no harm to him.

It often seems like there aren't many people willing to do that part of it (the tough part) the looking after; and for that matter, I'm probably not as good at it as I should be, but that's what I like to renew on September 11. I like to renew my effort of caring; to try to spread the message of peace. Surely I can't be alone, won't you join me?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

here's one thing i'm not sure i understand:

in the wake of the fairly substantial polemic separation, as well as all the somewhat "la la la la la! i can't hear you! especially when i shout horrible half truths louder than you!" campaigning tactics, i still haven't gotten to the bottom of WHY people are so opposed to universal coverage.
what's so objectionable about it? really objectionable, I mean. What are the real CONS to hammering out some kind of system in which everyone has health care? i'm not talking about costs, nor about illegal residents. Those are somewhat separate facets to the convo, that i'd like to keep separate for now.

No, what i want to know is why is it a BAD IDEA to have health coverage for everyone? I'm really interested in what could possibly be the drawback to achieving SOME sort of system where everyone has some kind coverage?

Up to now i've not seen anyone address this, not even the staunchest republican detractors. I just can't believe that even these detractors feel that our current system is effective. But perhaps i'm wrong maybe they really DO think our way of getting healthy and staying healthy is effective; i mean they haven't really offered any possible OTHER options. Like, Well Mr. President, democrats, and us citizens; we hear what you're saying, we need health care reform. Here's what we came up with, what d'you think of these ideas?

To this point they haven't brought anything to the table, so i need to know, Is this whole thing a terrible case of typical republican game strategy, or d'you think they really think it's disadvantageous to have some sort of coverage for all americans?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

the cocoon lace stitch pattern clarified (i hope!)

alrighty, so someone wondered if i can clarify the cocoon lace for them. Well, as is always the case with projects that i can analyze to death, i have done so. I hope. (raspberryconverse, apologies for the crap photos)

so, here's the set up row (this is done in a swatch style, so there is a 2 garter stitch binding at each end). You should have already started the pattern and done a row or two of *knit 5, p1, k1, p1* Also note that this was done at midnight, and the pattern wasn't in front of me, so the right side wrong side might be a bit jumbled.

now, you've knit 5 tog (however is most comfortable, be it k5tog OR slp2, k3tog, p2sso) and you get to this spot here:

the next step is the actual making of one by lifting the bar. be careful that you lift the bar in such a way that there is no gap resulting from it. you don't want a lace eyelet there. then you just knit front back front, and then lift the next bar. then you knit one, and purl 5 tog to start all over again.

While these piccies are of super high quality, this one here is probably all you really needed in the first place (but what can i say? i'm a wordy person, and if there's explaining that needs doing, i'm your man, ma'am.)