Thursday, September 24, 2009

here is my list of things to accomplish this fall.

i'd better get on the stick, because today is september 24, and the list is pretty long. Gah!

knitting projects:

1. dayflower cardigan, using the stupid Rowan felted tweed that i made into the cabled raglan and haven't worn once.
2. Jade cabled hoodie using the super fab knitpicks kettle dyed wool of the andes
3. i must finish mom's pullover. it would be super fantastic if i could do so for christmas but alas, as it has sat untouched for two whole years now, i rather think that's not in the cards.
4. christmas hats for the kids. i've got some done, one i'm on the fence over. if it doesn't look a bit better after a trip through the washer, i'm going to skip hats for the girls, and only make them for the boys.
5. I'm so close to completion on the stripey socks i can taste it. trouble is, the project is so exceptionally BORING that i can hardly bring myself to complete even the last bit of the toe on the second sock. I'm still not too sure why people are SO enamored with knitting socks.

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