Tuesday, August 30, 2005

women drivers, no survivors?

Here it is, my complaint against drivers of the world. and all those people who say women are bad drivers (i.e. men) can go screw.

so yesterday i was driving home from work, after a particularly crummy day, and i see in my rear view that a fire truck is on its way up the street. well, i arrive at the red light as it's about a 1/2 mile or so behind all of us. but then the light turns green. and what does prick-boy in the car behind me do? he waves at me and creeps forward and then, passes me! he passes me! jerk. Of course i rightously stay where i am and allow the F.T. to go by, and then i continue on my way. The man in the super cool sedan is now in front of me. so i take this opportunity to let all the shit from the day at work wash over him in a wave of blue words and waving hands and Larry Glick salutes. it was very therapeutic.

so what is the moral of this story? i'll tell you: Probably there's no survivors with any drivers. we are a society of careless drivers. myself included. probably if you are reading this at work, you drove too fast to get there, or you didn't really look twice at that left hand turn. i drove too fast to get here this morning, and my tirade against super cool sedan man involved lots of emotion and not much control. i don't know what is the solution, considering that sometimes it seems like the very people assigned to protect us while traveling (the fuzz) are not around when those people are racing up 495, or that jerk passed us on the right in a right turn only lane. or even when that crazy girl is sending lemon faces to the guy in front of her.

i guess i can only start with myself, and be more careful when driving. how about you? are you up to the challenge of more careful driving?

Friday, August 26, 2005

the other cat

well, for a day or two i haven't seen the cat. i have to admit i was a bit disappointed. but last night my brother sean came over to chat for a minute after work, and he said, here's your buddy the cat. Really? Yay! i haven't seen him- wait; no, that's not stripe. that's a different cat! this one is little too. and it's a long hair. i wouldn't really place an order for a long hair cat, but it's very cute. it's got gold eyes. stripe has gray eyes. I would like these two cats to stay. if i'm completely honest, i would say that i am a lonesome person a little bit. and besides heating oil is going to be a remarkable expense this winter and i might be nice to have a cat at my feet. i think i would settle on calling stripe Stripe, but what to call the other one? i could call him ink, but then people might be mean and call him dink. that's no good. perhaps i'll call him olive. like black olive. i think so.

i hope they stay.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

my latest bag

i love bags. i make them all the time. i don't even use all of the ones i make, i just make them, and make them, and make them! I get all sorts of fabric, and just hoarde it. i love it. it might just be becoming an obsession. i'll have to get a craft fair table this year, just so i can unload some of them.

this one is a japanese sort of fabric. I love the black and red together. I was going to use a fabric with kanji (i think that's the word) characters for the lining, but i think this looks better- the kanji would have been much too busy.

Monday, August 22, 2005

the striped cat

There's this cat that comes to visit my apartment. he's striped, and he's got a long tail. i confess, i hope he's homeless, because i wish him to be mine. i used to think of myself as a dog person, but i've come to the decision that i don't want a dog. i'm not afraid of them, they just drive me nuts. I cannot stand a dog that has bad manners, or barks all the time, or shits on my lawn, or chases after people and acts generally discourteous toward visitors.

But worse than rude dogs are rude owners. Exactly when did the shift take place making the non dog people have to put up with the dogs that do things like that? Why is it wrong for a family to call the dog officer on an incessantly noisy dog? or why should i be made to feel guilty when i visit my mother and the resident dog barks and growls at me? Why should a dog be able to attend a cookout at a cousin's house when more than one other guest is genuinely afraid of dogs? and for that matter, why is said phobia dismissed as non-existent and thus not important?

I want nothing to do with dog owners of such ilk, and therefore, i want nothing to do with dogs.

but in any event, i want this cat to stay. i will be very upset if he belongs to someone. but he comes over at night, and he's kind of wily, you know with the tail whipping back and forth; and he's never really calm, he's always on the lookout. he's super skinny, and he's kind of dirty.

i usually just call him Guy. but i have considered the name Fungo, and Fenway. i like fungo, because only baseballers and softballers will get it. But then i like fenway too, but i don't want people to think i jumped on a band wagon (i've been a fan for many years). sometimes i call him stripe.

I hope he stays.

Monday, August 15, 2005

it's a four alarm fricasee

boy this heat is killing me!

so what do you do when it's 100˚ and as muggy as you can remember?

well, you make things with swirly velvet fabric of course! so i made this great purse this weekend. It's for a swap, i hope my partner doesn't see this before she rececives it, i haven't posted this blogspot on craftster yet, so i think it will be ok.

this sort of fabric usually would turn me right off, but i have to reluctantly admit that i'm beginning to dig it a little bit. it's got tons of texture, and all those colors are really cool. i wish that it came in black, because it would look really great in black with some color accents. it would look like that hand bag that my grandmother used for best special occasions. i think it was made of sheepskin. I'm pretty sure my dad gave it to her when he was a senior in high school, all those years ago. I wonder wht happened to that handbag, i hope that my cousins didn't get their hands on it when they were clearing out her apartment. They threw whole rooms right into the trash. there wasn't too much that was actually monetarially valuable, but there was lots of stuff like that handbag that shouldn't have gone in the trash, but it was done and gone before we even knew about it. sigh.

so here is the purse. it's a good purse, with a zipper pouch to go along with it.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

continuing education

i'm shocked at how we've become such sheep. if we don't peg ourselves correctly upon graduation from high school we're screwed. foolishly when i was in high school i didn't think i was smart enough to be a scientist. and nobody ever told me i was. so now that i'm 30 it occurs to me that i am too smart to be only an artist, and yet not creative enough to be only an artist. but i'm screwed because i have wasted so much time in an industry and a job that has no real chance for progression and advancement. but it's hard to go back to school, not least because i've learned to like not being a student, but also because i've developed a real tie to having a job. it's not just that i would have to give up cable and my cell phone- i have a mortgage, and insurance and a car payment, and all that happy horseshit that happens to a person after they rushed to graduate from college.

how am i going to go back to a full time college program, and yet still afford to pay all those things? the answer? i'm not. i can't. it's almost impossible. i could cry right now. i mean really cry. i am so screwed and stuck in a dead end situation and there is really no hope of getting out of it.

i think i might be having another midlife crisis.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

so this is a blog

it seems strange to have a blog. and in fact, i think i really hate that word blog. it doesn't really roll off the tongue any easier than web log does. but in any event the whole world has a blog, so i think i should get one too. so here it is. as i am at work right now, i need to hurry up and post this so i can get back to work.


so now i keep getting a 404 error when i try to look at this dumb thing. sometimes i hate technology, i feel so trapped by it!