Friday, August 26, 2005

the other cat

well, for a day or two i haven't seen the cat. i have to admit i was a bit disappointed. but last night my brother sean came over to chat for a minute after work, and he said, here's your buddy the cat. Really? Yay! i haven't seen him- wait; no, that's not stripe. that's a different cat! this one is little too. and it's a long hair. i wouldn't really place an order for a long hair cat, but it's very cute. it's got gold eyes. stripe has gray eyes. I would like these two cats to stay. if i'm completely honest, i would say that i am a lonesome person a little bit. and besides heating oil is going to be a remarkable expense this winter and i might be nice to have a cat at my feet. i think i would settle on calling stripe Stripe, but what to call the other one? i could call him ink, but then people might be mean and call him dink. that's no good. perhaps i'll call him olive. like black olive. i think so.

i hope they stay.

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