Monday, August 15, 2005

it's a four alarm fricasee

boy this heat is killing me!

so what do you do when it's 100˚ and as muggy as you can remember?

well, you make things with swirly velvet fabric of course! so i made this great purse this weekend. It's for a swap, i hope my partner doesn't see this before she rececives it, i haven't posted this blogspot on craftster yet, so i think it will be ok.

this sort of fabric usually would turn me right off, but i have to reluctantly admit that i'm beginning to dig it a little bit. it's got tons of texture, and all those colors are really cool. i wish that it came in black, because it would look really great in black with some color accents. it would look like that hand bag that my grandmother used for best special occasions. i think it was made of sheepskin. I'm pretty sure my dad gave it to her when he was a senior in high school, all those years ago. I wonder wht happened to that handbag, i hope that my cousins didn't get their hands on it when they were clearing out her apartment. They threw whole rooms right into the trash. there wasn't too much that was actually monetarially valuable, but there was lots of stuff like that handbag that shouldn't have gone in the trash, but it was done and gone before we even knew about it. sigh.

so here is the purse. it's a good purse, with a zipper pouch to go along with it.

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