Tuesday, August 30, 2005

women drivers, no survivors?

Here it is, my complaint against drivers of the world. and all those people who say women are bad drivers (i.e. men) can go screw.

so yesterday i was driving home from work, after a particularly crummy day, and i see in my rear view that a fire truck is on its way up the street. well, i arrive at the red light as it's about a 1/2 mile or so behind all of us. but then the light turns green. and what does prick-boy in the car behind me do? he waves at me and creeps forward and then, passes me! he passes me! jerk. Of course i rightously stay where i am and allow the F.T. to go by, and then i continue on my way. The man in the super cool sedan is now in front of me. so i take this opportunity to let all the shit from the day at work wash over him in a wave of blue words and waving hands and Larry Glick salutes. it was very therapeutic.

so what is the moral of this story? i'll tell you: Probably there's no survivors with any drivers. we are a society of careless drivers. myself included. probably if you are reading this at work, you drove too fast to get there, or you didn't really look twice at that left hand turn. i drove too fast to get here this morning, and my tirade against super cool sedan man involved lots of emotion and not much control. i don't know what is the solution, considering that sometimes it seems like the very people assigned to protect us while traveling (the fuzz) are not around when those people are racing up 495, or that jerk passed us on the right in a right turn only lane. or even when that crazy girl is sending lemon faces to the guy in front of her.

i guess i can only start with myself, and be more careful when driving. how about you? are you up to the challenge of more careful driving?

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