Friday, November 30, 2007

i love my new walmart pjs!

I confess, i have a love hate relationship with Walmart. on tho one hand i really don't like it- the store always looks like a yard sale- merchandise is picked over, shopworn and often times not even there. the employees can be real crabby- they are so busy- who wouldn't be? working in retail i know that it is sometimes hard to keep a genuine pleasant demeanor through an entire shift.

but on the other hand- it really is a good place for me to get lots of stuff i need and cheap. i hate to say it, but i can't afford to get everything at the grocery or at the gap. so i go to walmart and get cheap cereal, soap, cleaning supplies and the like. this is a PRO on the list, which leads directly into a CON on the list of walmart things. these cheap prices are clearly predatory. they are clearly putting other places out of business. the problem is that i am not very affluent, so i need to take advantage of savings when i can. it's all very tricky for me.

another walmart PRO is that you can get a true feel for the demographic off your neighborhood. there are lots of languages at walmart- i like that. i admit, i like to go to walmart and eavesdrop on conversations to see if i can understand what they are saying. that's very rude, yes, but i need to get more practice with spanish and portuguese, and i'm too shy to actually say something polite- Bom dia, Fala Portuguese? but i listen in on their conversation! This also leads to a definite CON about walmart- the customers can sometimes be as crabby as the employees. i once saw a real fight at the checkout- some guy had 20 items in the fast lane, and the guy behind called him on it. well, 20 items was all pissed off, and he gets into it with the man behind. Actual Fisticuffs took place. i didn't even need to eavesdrop, this was all in english.

so what was supposed to be a quick post about the walmart pj's i got the other day has turned into a quasi commentary about social anthropology. but you should see the pj's! they are pink, and they have christmas scottie dogs on them! they are so cute! they also had little jingle bells on them, but i took those off, because they made a racket.

today i have to go there again to get buttons, because i'm so flaky. i only got two buttons, the sweater i made has three holes.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Destructo Cat

So Debra and Ben looked after Shermy while we were away. I heard that the cat was oh so well behaved while i was gone. So sweet and lovable that Ben is smitten, and wants to keep him. This is all fine, since at least i know there's a family who would consider taking him in if i kick the bucket. Well, when i returned home, there's was one day of "i was so lonely, you abandoned me!" from the cat, and then it was back to business as usual.

I got home from work and there was this to greet me:

Yep, that's the trash knocked over, and the water dish broken into pieces by something heavy that must have been hidden. Criminals hide their weapons, why shouldn't the cat too?

It had to be the water dish that broke, right? So all the water went all over the place, and i had to clean that mess up too. I sent this photo to Ben asking if he still wants the cat. Silly guy he still said yes. well, he'll have to wait till i kick the bucket.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

that voting is fixed!

bah! that cy young vote is fixed! i admit it, i'm greedy, i want beckett to have that cy young, on top of the WS Ring!

  • article

  • CRUMB! i simply cannot believe it!

    iwanted all those extras- rookie of the year, cy young, gold glove, silver slugger! i wanted all of them. i'm a hoarder!

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    the Sally Gap

    there's a road in the eastern part of ireland called the R759 road. it goes through the Wicklow Mountains, along the Sally Gap. it is here where I saw the most spectacular shade of blue ever. For the rest of my life, the mere word "blue" will evoke memories of this icy cold, crystal clear lough.

    it really is fantastic!

    so here are some photos

    so here we all are, with proof that we were here. In appropriately touristic photos.

    This is Mom and Dad and me at the upper lake at Glendalough.

    This is ma and dad with marianne, outside St. Mary's Pro Cathedral

    these photos are a jumble of the hundreds that we took the chronology on this post isn't tight. i should have tried to check in at the cybercafes while i was there, but i just didn't.

    this is the GAA Museum at Croke Park- there was a good tour, and you can give it a try playing both hurling and gaelic football in the cages in the museum. Did you know that none of the athletes in the GAA are paid for playing? they play simply because they love it! so on all ireland day, some of the players might never have had to do that sort of thing before. imagine playing in front of 70 thousand people on one day and then going back to being an accountant the next!

    here is mom doing her best to blend in with the locals on the Dart.

    I have a whole bunch of really good photos, but i can't post them right now, this blogspot is giving me fits because of the size of the photos, so i'm a but aggravated right now. you can go see them here:
  • kms Ireland 07

  • i'll work more on this post later.

    A-Rod; is he really worth all that?

    I was away in ireland when my sox won the series again. i'm on the fence over whether i am happy to have been in ireland or whether i'm bereft for having missed the series. it is a very different feeling than when they won in 2004, when i was glued to the tv.

    but i digress. the point of this post is to wonder wheter or not alex rodriguez really is worth those giant dollar signs being thrown about like warmup toss. $350 million dollars? for real? first of all the guy is no spring chicken in terms of baseball age. he's 32, sure he's just a baby- he's my age in fact; but for playing ball professionally, that's middle age at best. he's a bit of a malcontent- anyway you slice it, he's not the clubhouse guy that teams need. i don't ever remember him being called a team leader by the NY press- jeter, possada, pettite, sure- even clemens every so often. but never ever a-rod. He gets into dustups with the press- even manny is more eloquent when he's mad than a-rod is. if i were a major league GM, these would be concerns.

    i suppose if i were said GM, i could overlook both those things if A-Rod had proven himself to be valuable in the postseason. i'm afraid he hasn't; and not just with the yankees- the mariners and rangers didn't win post season series very often with him on the roster. it's tough for a team to build themselves around a stud like a-rod. he's so costly that it leaves very little payroll cash available for other signings. so the signings have to be cheap. either on the downhill slide, or rookies and youngsters. both of these present problems- rookies can be unpredicatable. they could be great like pedroia and ellsbury, or they could struggle, and often times they don't hit well enough to be a matching threat to a-rod, essentially making his bat less of worry- pitchers can just walk him. old hats can be worrisome too; older, slower, can't hit as well as before, so it's hard to even make the playoffs, let alone be successful.

    so i have to wonder- will teams be willing to take on such an ineffective postseason player at the risk of the rest of their roster? sure he's great- i can agree that he's a baseball talent; a rediculously impressive talent, but are teams willing to pay a guy to improve his own resume, yet not contribute to the ultimate goal of the team- win the trophy with many flags? sure baseball is a team sport played by individuals- but make no mistake- dave roberts stolen base off the bench in 2004, and coco crisp sitting out the end of the ALCS and the beginning of the World Series- those were individuals playing for the team. they helped the team win.

    I just don't think A-rod has that kind of selflessness in him i just don;t think he has the integrity. if i were a general manager, i wouldn't pay a player who is an individual to be a part of my team. there is no I in team.

    Monday, November 05, 2007

    so here we are home from ireland

    booo! we had a tremendous trip, and soon i'll post photos and stuff, but for now i have to pick up the pieces from being away from work without posting and auto-reply to my email. what a pain.