Wednesday, November 07, 2007

so here are some photos

so here we all are, with proof that we were here. In appropriately touristic photos.

This is Mom and Dad and me at the upper lake at Glendalough.

This is ma and dad with marianne, outside St. Mary's Pro Cathedral

these photos are a jumble of the hundreds that we took the chronology on this post isn't tight. i should have tried to check in at the cybercafes while i was there, but i just didn't.

this is the GAA Museum at Croke Park- there was a good tour, and you can give it a try playing both hurling and gaelic football in the cages in the museum. Did you know that none of the athletes in the GAA are paid for playing? they play simply because they love it! so on all ireland day, some of the players might never have had to do that sort of thing before. imagine playing in front of 70 thousand people on one day and then going back to being an accountant the next!

here is mom doing her best to blend in with the locals on the Dart.

I have a whole bunch of really good photos, but i can't post them right now, this blogspot is giving me fits because of the size of the photos, so i'm a but aggravated right now. you can go see them here:
  • kms Ireland 07

  • i'll work more on this post later.

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