Thursday, January 19, 2006

bah! i missed out!

can you believe it! i never went to the theater to see harry potter, walk the line or the constant gardener! and i'll probably not get to see munich while it's still in theatres. i'm so dumb! now i have to wait until they are on dvd before i see them, and i'll have to watch them on my tiny television!

bah! the movie i did go and see lately is dumb jarhead. it just wasn't very good. it wasn;t bad, but it kept teetering on really good action, but then it chickened out. the same thing with the emotionality of it. it kept teetering on the edge of mental breakdown, but never really going the distance. it was sort of like the movie got all the way to the three yardline and then went three and out. just kind of ot complete.

there are a few movies i need to get for my collection: Enigma, Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious, french kiss, the bourne Identity (not the supremacy) Strange Days, and ocean's eleven. also i think i will probably purchase HP 4 and perhaps even the constant gardener. i'll borrow WTL and Munuch from the library, but the other two i'll probably buy. I like to only buy dvd's that i know i'll watch over and over again. for instance, i have watched midnight in the garden of good an evil so often that now i just quote some of the lines. that jim williams done shot a man... Canape? i have to be able to get a good cost per view ratio for dvd's i purchase.

i wonder if i could bring my knitting to the movies. i knit on a loom. i wonder if there would be enough light to do so easily? i'll have to consider that.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I just have to share this with everyone!

You must read this book!

  • It's available at Amazon,
  • and probably at your library. It's such a good book. It's at times so embarrassing that people could be so cruel and judgmental, yet on the other hand it's so uplifting and empowering that other people could be so strong and inherently good.

    Gosh it's fabulous. And on top of it, the plot follows three girls as they get a fledgling cafe off the ground, so it's full of scents and imagery and even imaginary pictures of delicious things to eat and remedies to make. The chapters are each preceded by recipes that figure in to the plot. One of them is for elephant ears! I hadn't realized that elephant ears were an Iranian specialty. John and Son's bakery used to sell them when I was a child.

    It really is a tremendous book. It's not really very heavy, insofar as the author sort of glosses over the revolution and its causes and the implications of it, but I think that was the plan, sort of like the characters kind of glossed over it as a way to cope; but the events weren't so trivialized that the reader is left in the dark as to what the horror actually meant. The opposite in fact, the reader can get a very real sense of the emotional repercussions if not the historical ones.

    This book is so very good, I have to share it with people. It's moving, empowering, chastening, educational, comical, and suspenseful all in one hard to put down quick-tempoed read. get a copy today!

    Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    well, that settles it.

    i cannot have a cat. i'm simply not emotionally prepared. i was driving to work today and there was a big pile of road kill near the cumberland farms. and as i drove by, i just had to look to see what it was, and it was a black cat! can you believe it? a black cat. i haven't seen my black olive in quite some time, since it got cold and snowy really, so i was hoping that he went south for the winter. but seeing the dead cat in the road makes me wonder. And it really makes me unhappy too.

    my last hope against hope is that it's somewhat far away from my apartment building, so maybe it's not him. but on the other hand, it's not really that far away, only 1/3 of a mile or so, so it's not too inconceiveable that he would go down there.

    oh gosh, i hope it's not my black olive. but then on the other hand, that just means that it's someone else's, and that doesn't make me feel one bit better. so today i am going to be an unhappy person, and it might be for nothing.

    So i can't have a cat. i don't want an indor cat, they stink up the house, and it really is clear that i can't have an outdoor cat on the road i live on. it's just too busy.


    Friday, January 06, 2006

    i want this teapot!

    i have been doing a lot of cruizing around online today, and i found some great things to add to my list of great things to get. when i get a bit more money

    first, this super teapot!

    isn't it so cool! the yellow is really appealing to me, even though it doesn't match my kitchen atall atall. i just love bright colors.

    and then the next item is this super de duper wrist watch.

    i had it once before, but it was stolen when some stupid kids broke into my car. can you believe it they took this great watch, and a few cds and baseball cards, and left the stereo and gas cards in the console. jerks.

    anyway, when i go back to dublin next month i'm going to look for the watch. i'm also going to get a tea pot of some kind, i would like an every day teapot, like people use all the time in dublin, but i wonder where i would get it. in portugal i would go to the supermercado, and in england i would go to tesco, but i wonder where in ireland.

    hmmm. a project for today.

    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    hoo hoo hoo! ireland here we come!

    so my dad gave my mother and i tickets to ireland for christmas again. I am so grateful, yet i also feel so sheepish. i just don't think i'm worth such a super gift, but on the other hand i'm certainly not going to refuse it or regift it!

    so i just received word that there's room for us at the inn! We're staying at
  • the glen guest house;
  • it's a super b and b in Dublin 1, which is right around the corner from the busaras, and close to a dart stop also.

    it's also a short easy walk to o'connell street, and you come out sort of near the GPO.

    hoo hoo hoo! I just can't wait! i'm going to bring my resume so i can see if anyone wants to sponsor an american for employment!

    this is a good site to visit to start yuor ireland holiday planning:
  • ireland online
  • and this is where the hotel is

    it's just a few steps up gardiner street from where it intersects beresford place!

    yay! yay! yay!