Friday, January 06, 2006

i want this teapot!

i have been doing a lot of cruizing around online today, and i found some great things to add to my list of great things to get. when i get a bit more money

first, this super teapot!

isn't it so cool! the yellow is really appealing to me, even though it doesn't match my kitchen atall atall. i just love bright colors.

and then the next item is this super de duper wrist watch.

i had it once before, but it was stolen when some stupid kids broke into my car. can you believe it they took this great watch, and a few cds and baseball cards, and left the stereo and gas cards in the console. jerks.

anyway, when i go back to dublin next month i'm going to look for the watch. i'm also going to get a tea pot of some kind, i would like an every day teapot, like people use all the time in dublin, but i wonder where i would get it. in portugal i would go to the supermercado, and in england i would go to tesco, but i wonder where in ireland.

hmmm. a project for today.

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