Monday, November 23, 2009

here's how i do a grocery bag!

so you start with the four sheets (2 of lining, 2 of outside). each one sewn opposite pattern, right side together

then you turn one of the halves right side out.

then you take the one you just turned right side out, and put it inside the one that's still inside out, with same patterns and right sides facing.

(this is just another piccy to show you how it should look)

then you take it to your machine and sew the inside of the handle. (like the inside of a tube).

after all this, and you pull everything right side out again, it should look like this. the two patterns will be back to back, as they should be on the finished bag, and then all you need to do is sew up the side seams (right side and same pattern facing) and then do the bottom as you wish.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

if i had ny own house....

there is a moderately long list of things i would like to have. some a dealbreakers others are just wishes.

I'd like to have a sewing room. Perhaps a futon or murphy bed in there for guests, but primarily it will be a sewing studio.

I'd like a room to sit and read. a small telly can go in there too.

NO telly in my bedroom! you might think i've forgotten how to read before bed!

I'd like a small yard where i can send the cat outside. a basement to put the sandbox in would be good too.

i've got fab curtains i made for sofia's appartment. she returned them when she moved home to lisbon. It would be nice to use them. I would like my kitchen to be pale spring green. I'd like my bedroom to be blue, and the bathroom to be pale yellow again.

I'd like a user friendly kitchen, and a gas cooker would be a extra special bonus, and i'd like enough space to have people over for sunday lunch!