Thursday, November 12, 2009

if i had ny own house....

there is a moderately long list of things i would like to have. some a dealbreakers others are just wishes.

I'd like to have a sewing room. Perhaps a futon or murphy bed in there for guests, but primarily it will be a sewing studio.

I'd like a room to sit and read. a small telly can go in there too.

NO telly in my bedroom! you might think i've forgotten how to read before bed!

I'd like a small yard where i can send the cat outside. a basement to put the sandbox in would be good too.

i've got fab curtains i made for sofia's appartment. she returned them when she moved home to lisbon. It would be nice to use them. I would like my kitchen to be pale spring green. I'd like my bedroom to be blue, and the bathroom to be pale yellow again.

I'd like a user friendly kitchen, and a gas cooker would be a extra special bonus, and i'd like enough space to have people over for sunday lunch!

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