Thursday, October 29, 2009

i wonder why i've been so quiet

it's not that i have nothing to say, it's just that i'm distracted i guess. Some of it i blame on facebook. While i really do love the connection to long lost friends and those who live far away; in a way, it's cut into my creativity. The decrease of posting my life's inanities is directly corollary to the increase in time spent on facebook.

the thing i'm not so crazy about facebook is that it's a bit like sensory overload. it's not unlike the school cafeteria; there's a lot of talking going on- sometimes over each other. So i do like it, but sometimes it's hard to be coherent.

Currently i'm studying for the cptb exam, and i'm getting nervous, because i haven't spent enough time doing so, but on the other hand, i'm also feeling sheepish because i haven't yet worked on the lisbon photos, or holiday shopping or much of anything! yeeps! i need more hours in the day!

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