Monday, August 22, 2005

the striped cat

There's this cat that comes to visit my apartment. he's striped, and he's got a long tail. i confess, i hope he's homeless, because i wish him to be mine. i used to think of myself as a dog person, but i've come to the decision that i don't want a dog. i'm not afraid of them, they just drive me nuts. I cannot stand a dog that has bad manners, or barks all the time, or shits on my lawn, or chases after people and acts generally discourteous toward visitors.

But worse than rude dogs are rude owners. Exactly when did the shift take place making the non dog people have to put up with the dogs that do things like that? Why is it wrong for a family to call the dog officer on an incessantly noisy dog? or why should i be made to feel guilty when i visit my mother and the resident dog barks and growls at me? Why should a dog be able to attend a cookout at a cousin's house when more than one other guest is genuinely afraid of dogs? and for that matter, why is said phobia dismissed as non-existent and thus not important?

I want nothing to do with dog owners of such ilk, and therefore, i want nothing to do with dogs.

but in any event, i want this cat to stay. i will be very upset if he belongs to someone. but he comes over at night, and he's kind of wily, you know with the tail whipping back and forth; and he's never really calm, he's always on the lookout. he's super skinny, and he's kind of dirty.

i usually just call him Guy. but i have considered the name Fungo, and Fenway. i like fungo, because only baseballers and softballers will get it. But then i like fenway too, but i don't want people to think i jumped on a band wagon (i've been a fan for many years). sometimes i call him stripe.

I hope he stays.

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