Tuesday, September 08, 2009

the cocoon lace stitch pattern clarified (i hope!)

alrighty, so someone wondered if i can clarify the cocoon lace for them. Well, as is always the case with projects that i can analyze to death, i have done so. I hope. (raspberryconverse, apologies for the crap photos)

so, here's the set up row (this is done in a swatch style, so there is a 2 garter stitch binding at each end). You should have already started the pattern and done a row or two of *knit 5, p1, k1, p1* Also note that this was done at midnight, and the pattern wasn't in front of me, so the right side wrong side might be a bit jumbled.

now, you've knit 5 tog (however is most comfortable, be it k5tog OR slp2, k3tog, p2sso) and you get to this spot here:

the next step is the actual making of one by lifting the bar. be careful that you lift the bar in such a way that there is no gap resulting from it. you don't want a lace eyelet there. then you just knit front back front, and then lift the next bar. then you knit one, and purl 5 tog to start all over again.

While these piccies are of super high quality, this one here is probably all you really needed in the first place (but what can i say? i'm a wordy person, and if there's explaining that needs doing, i'm your man, ma'am.)

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Coley said...

Yes! Exactly what I was looking for. They could have just said "m1, knit into the front and back of the next stitch, m1" and I would have known what they meant. *shrug* Thank you, thank you, thank you!