Monday, May 07, 2007

Hey Roger! Get Stuffed!

NOW HERE THIS! under no circumstances have i ever wanted Roger Clemens back as a red sox pitcher. you will never, ever, ever be able to find a place in time where i have said, boy it's too bad... Not once, not ever.

he is a jerk. he's arrogant, he's over paid, he's full of himself and i do not want him to play for my team. i have never once wanted him to play for my team since he left. not once ever did i cheer for him when he pitched at fenway as a yankee, a blue jay or an astro. not once. not even begrudgingly. I was at that game a few seasons ago, I think it was when pedro pitched against clemens in july of 2004. and the whole park was yelling Roger!.... roger!..... roger!.... YOU SUCK! i liked that. then we smoked him that game. that was nice.

In 2004 he couldn't even say, boy it's nice they finally won a World Series. he couldn't even conceed that it might have been nice to be a part of the team that finally won. because being a big person is a foreign concept to him. he has no loyalty- not even to the astros- supposedly a team that had an emotional draw for him because he's from texas, and his family is there. whoops, gotta go- more money elsewhere, more fame in the bronx. better press coverage on the YES network.

Sure, roger clemens is a very skilled and rediculously talented pitcher. but he's an asshole, any way you slice it. I for one, am so pleased he's not back in boston, because i would not be able to deal with all the media and fans tripping over themselves to gush and kowtow and shower him with platitudes. He's a guy who wrote the book on me-me-me-me-ism. And I can't wait to see him get smoked again, by the sox, by tampa bay, baltimore, toronto or whomever.

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