Saturday, April 15, 2006

Medical info

This is my medical info, should i fall and be knocked out cold. There's a silly bracelet on my wrist that has this link.

so here goes:
i use insulin, i use humalog(or novolog) on a sliding scale according to carb counting

Breakfast and Lunch: 1:10 (1 unit insulin for every 10 grams carbs)
Dinner: 1:8 (1 unit for every 8 grams)

I use Insulin glargine (lantus or Levemir) at bedtime
22 units at or around 10.30 pm.

I do not use other medicine. I do not have allergies to medicine, but i do wear contact lenses.

My doctor can be reached at the Joslin Clinic, in Boston, MA. 617-732-2400 You should speak with Liz Halprin, Liz Blair, or in a worst case scenario, Lori Laffel.

My mom's telephone is 978-568-1483, her cell is 978-790-7732. Heidi's home is 978-568-8551 and Colleen's Home is 978-952-0144 her cell is 978-790-8576

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