Monday, September 24, 2007

hoo hoo hoo! If i could do a cartwheel!

so i was playing on sunday- an early morning match- not my favorite. but i am a sport-o at my core- a windpants wearing, sandals with socks, ponytail hairstyled, smelly old cleats kind of girl. and 9.00 kickoffs are part of the drill. Soccer is my true love. there is something about playing soccer for me that is just absolute euphoria. at bell hill park, for 90 minutes every sunday, there is no mortgage, no crummy job, no patriots game or sox lead just 1 and a half. there is no trip to ireland, no knitting project, no truck that needs an oil change, none of that.

there is just me and 21 other people kicking around. i simply love it. as it happens, i'm on a great team that calls you out when you suck; but props you up if you need it. we tell each other when we play well, we tell each other when to shut up. then we leave it there and actually are friends. it's so great. i haven't played such satisfying soccer since college- actually i think it was even highschool. and it's no big deal- it's a rec league, it's not world cup, but it's not skirts and sallys either.

it's tricky for me to explain it- i'm a bit old-ish these days- not nearly as fit or motivated as i was in college and shortly after graduating, i should probably retire soon but i find that I just can't give it up. I find that playing ball on sundays is a tiny little bit of complete me-time, shared with those 21 other people. it's a bit selfish really, but i simply love it.

I also love scoring goals! hoo hoo hoo! i never knew scoring goals could be so fabulous! it came on a corner kick, dan tried to redirect it on a header, but it didn't go in. then i dunno, it bounced somewhere, and came right to me, voila! i knocked it right in to back of the net! what a strange feeling, scoring goals. i'm a modified midfielder these days, i used to be a sweeper- not a whole lot of goalscoring chances for me. but now i'm more offensively minded, so i get in the mix a bit more, and take more shots- especially this season. it's mostly the men who get the chances, but every so often jess and sarah and myself get in on the action too. it's nice when they go in.

so here is my advice that i like to give when i post so infrequently to this blog. Do what you love- you will only love it more!

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