Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some say that he can hear the sound of colour...

And if you give him a really important job, he'll skive off and play croquet. All we know is...he's called The Stig

i'm really sorry, but i cannot keep it to myself any longer. I think i've got a crush on The Stig. it's preposterous, but i cannot help it. he's like a mystery, but he's the best part of a mystery man- he can drive any sort of car, he has a fab outfit, that makes him look all slim and tidy, and he never really says anything aggravating, because; well, because he never says anything at all! Perhaps it's the arms folded in complete omnipotence that i love most, perhaps it's when he was driving the diesel beemer in the 24-hour race. i don't know. but if he showed up to drive me home from work, i would swoon!

Ride along here!

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