Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gosh but this is heavy

so, i haven't been paying enough attention to the voting in tehran. I should have but i'm remiss.

Often times i get too tangled up in fairly mundane shit that's not important, as i think americans in general do as well. The thing is, there's a big huge world out there; with big, huge problems. Just because they may or may not affect us, or have an impact on our every day lives, Doesn't make them any less horrible.

go have a look at the photos,
you'll see what i mean. There's no way to tell who's who; there are no signs on anyone. Just by looking at the photos, we can't see any placards: "i voted for mousavi" or "Hell no, we won't go, Ahmadinejad all the way!" no, the only thing i see when i look at the photos are people; handsome men, gorgeous beautiful ladies, moms, dads, aunties, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, old people, children, and they are all getting beat up.

people in tee shirts and nike shoes, suits, work clothes, laptops and cell phones scattered in pieces. cops and rioters clubbing each other. Rocks and pepper spray. it's absoloutely awful. All those people- all those injuries.

A curious thing is that i don't know that there's anything i can do. Posting here helps some, but really, how can i fix it? I'm not brave like those people who go to the peace corps, i'm definitely not brave enough to demonstrate for my candidate. how can i possibly contribute to peace?

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