Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my latest sweater!

here's the sweater i finished last night.

it came out so good, if i do say so myself! it totally fits, there isn't a single mistake on it, and it's made of smooshy soft yarn made for wool and silk. Silk! ooooh la la!

'tis a bit too warm to wear it today, but i yam anyway, because i just finished it last night!


rosarenee said...

I ran across your blog through the craftster forum! This sweater is amazing! You are very talented and should be so proud of yourself!!

kmsmaverick said...
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kmsmaverick said...

oh gosh, thanks! that's really sweet of you to say. This particular project was epic, so i'm pleased that it came out so well. Isn't it exciting when our crafting efforts actually turn out useful?