Monday, November 28, 2005

my first quilt

and it's not even a very challenging one at that. But the problem is that the ideas just keep coming, and I have to try them out before they vanish, so that means that projects sometimes have to be set aside. Then regular life takes place, and my weekends free for crafting and sewing are taken up by more mundane things like putting snow tires on the car, going away on vacation (which was one of the greatest trips i've been on) and before i know it, months have gone by.

so this is the whole thing, it's for my college roommate's little boy. I'm pleased with the fabric choice. It's cushy flannel on one side, and on the other it's flannel-y calico that looks like river weeds, like where snakes and tigers live in Africa. The piping around the edge gave me a few fits and the next one will be better I think, but I think that he'll like it.

This is a detail of it.

I'm quite pleased with it, even if it did take me months to actually complete it and ship it to him. hee hee hee

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momwith3kids said...

That thing looks so soft and comfortable. I want to cuddle up with the little lions. Lucky person who snags that one. Good job.