Thursday, December 08, 2005

where was your worst cup of coffee?

so over the past few days i have been drinking coffee away from home. and i have to tell you, i have a list of places that make terrible coffee. and i'm going to share them topping my list- starbucks. for all they think they are so smart, and are looking to take over the world; they make horrid coffee. not only do they use two tablespoons when one is sufficient, they burn it. i don't go in for the super cute status symbols, i just want a cup of coffee with cream. how hard is that? the starbucks on route 9 at the lyman streeet intersection gave me the most awful cup of burned, yet cold coffee i have ever drank. it was so bad.

fast forward to yesterday. i was at the alewife T station. the dunkin donuts got the coffee and cream balance correct, but the coffee was just old. it was burned. i wonder if the coffee palaces realize just how profund and distinct burned coffe taste is, and how easy it is to achieve. it really doesn;t take long for a pot to turn into 10w-40 motor oil.

I tried my luck at au bon pan on berkeley street yesterday afternoon. nothing doing. the coffee was so strong and acrid that it curled my hair. acrid is a good way to describe it. like when you get that beer you aren't expecting to be so bitter, and you make that funny face. so i shelled out a total of 7 clams these past few days and got swill in return.

on the flip side, the best cup of coffee i've had in a long time was at cumberland farms on central street. go figure that the gas station coffee would be the best. but you can add the correct amount of cream, and nuke it if it's too cold. and they don't even make it too weak anymore. weak coffee is as bad as super strong coffee. but lately they've not been so skimpy on the gounds. Honey Dew on washington street also makes a first class cup of coffee, always. very dependable.

what about you? where is your favorite java? and your horror stories?

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