Tuesday, December 13, 2005

so i'm trying to figure out

how to post a pdf for download on this site. because i want to offer you a pattern on how to make these super bags i made.

they are tote bags that i made for my friend sofia and ana for their trip home for the holidays. thay have a 5.5 hour flight ahead of them, and that can be slightly boring. so i'm going to put fun entertaining things in there. spin magazine, tootsie pops, cheeze-it's, a bottle of water, word finds and things like that. i'm also going to put a nice zipper pouch like the ones i posted before in there with a wash cloth and face soap and lotion and a toothbrush and toothpaste.

there really is nothing nicer than getting up right before final approach or even after you've landed when the rest of the passengers are going mental; and washing your face and cleaning your teeth and putting your contacts back in. that is one of my favorite travel rituals. sometimes i do it in the airport sometimes on the plane.

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