Wednesday, December 14, 2005

think this will work?

ok, so i tried to like the pdf to my yahoo brief case, but i have to be a premeir member to make the briefcase public. i'm not a premeir member yet, and i haven't decided if i want to go that route, but in the mean time i'm going to see if blogger opens large photos in another window at full size.

let's see....

ok, so blogger will link to a larger picture, and that is a start, but when your download it and print it, you'll have to enlarge it somewhat. so print it to start on legal paper, then bring it to your local kinkos (or your local work copier) and monkey about with the settings til the measurements fit the actual size.

I'm still working on an actual pdf that's printable at 100%, but i need to figure out a way ot post it publicly. more on that later!

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