Wednesday, December 21, 2005

So the gang of three

Really are like the three blind mice. Lets have a brief overview. We have no shortstop. We have one Major League catcher; we have no second baseman. We have no actual "this is my position" first baseman. Now we have no centerfielder. At this point I would take shitty players. Oh, and our rotation has question marks and our bullpen really isn't the shiny coin we all dream about. And that isn't even considering out batting order.

so it would seem that the sox management team (who knows how many there are or who calls the shots) really don't have a clue about negotiating a contract or running a team. For crimminy's sake, they couldn't even manage to come to an agreement with one of their own, how can they possibly think they are going to be able to deal with the hardball that scott boras plays. Clearly they had no idea what they were getting into.

We have made some spectacularly bad moves this off season, and personally (and this is complete speculation) I think that the next one out is going to be curt schilling. He isn't going to dig the idea of playing with half wits and guys culled from the scrap heap. And lets be real, nobody likes to work for dumb bosses either. On top of it, the gang of three really have mismanaged the media. As of today I've heard rumors that trot Nixon, bronson arroyo, kelly shoppach, and even tim wakefield have all been discussed for trades. Hello? Is there anyone home? Tim Wakefield? Trot Nixon? That's the sort of shit you keep secret!

it really is like an episode of the keystone cops. It just gets worse and worse. Here is a funny article by Dan shaughnassy, who generally is a prat, but today it's good.
  • for sox, a little off the top
  • besides the loss of Damon, he goes to the effin evil empire. So we really look like country bumpkins. Remember when Nomar found out they were shopping him from espn? Well, lucchino found out about Damon from them too. Exactly why wasn't that cell phone glued to his ear with boras on the other end? I'll tell you, because they are not good at being general managers.

    the whole thing simply smacks of inaptitude! So now we see that it wasn't the number of years Damon wanted, it was the money. A skilled GM would already have realized that Johnny Damon is as shallow as a puddle of spit and conceited and greedy. For crying out loud, we all knew that, how did management miss it? How could they possibly have been ok with the idea that no news is good news?

    we are in deep sneakers for next season. The only silver lining is that Johnny Damon is never going to have an assist on a put out at his home field for the rest of his career. It's roughly seven miles from center field to second base at Yankee stadium, and he can't throw out the trash.

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