Friday, December 23, 2005

y'know, i really tried

i really tried to the best of my ability to keep this whole signing professional. i really did i was willing to say that we lost a baseball battle to the yankees and we lost an effective leadoff hitter. but i can't do it any more. Now i know, we surely didn't lose a spectacular centerfielder. and we surely have not lost an irreplaceable man in the clubhouse. and i can't keep it in any longer.

johnny damon is an arrogant prick and the reason he fits in so well as a yankee is because it takes one to know one. obviously keep snapping photos.

  • trimmed damon unveiled

  • pardon me, but fuck off johnny damon. you go take yourself and your rag arm and go fall down the steps at your new dugout. you better believe i'll keep snapping pictures of you then. Why should we continue to kowtow to you when you have walked into new york and essential slammed your former employers and your former fans? now we really see your true self, spineless.

    have some fuckin stones and say you had a good experience here, you fucking sally. stand up for yourself and what is true, and tell everyone that it really was a magical year in 2004 and 2005 was magic too. that you are looking forward to life in new york is also true, and i would be ok with that if you weren't so dismissive of your work here in boston

    All that you are now is another one in a long line of moronic zombies with glassy eyes and short hair. come on, tell the truth, it will take some adjustment to go from hands off management to an owner that wants to schedule your next shit. you fit in so well with the yankees, because you have no gumption. no stand up. you talk that talk about being your own person, and having a great idioc personality, but face it buddy, you buckled and you folded and you cracked under pressure. and now you look just like every other centerfielder who played at Yankee stadium. you have no originality whatsoever any more. there's a reason why nobody oustide of the 718 area code likes the yankees, because they are irritating, obnoxios, arrogant and dumb. and you are one of them now too.

    so good on you man, sure. win your games with the yankees, you got more money and more of whatever you were looking for but make no mistake, you are nothing more than a yankee now. not a superstar, not a shitty player. you're simply a yankee. you're the same as all the other ones. whoopee.

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