Wednesday, February 01, 2006

it's just that i think George W is inept.

i just don't get the impression that he's actually in touch with reality. i really wonder if he actually reads the reports or actually listens to msnbc or wbz 1030.

it's just that i really wonder how he plans to get things accomplished. Sure, medicare part d works, but it only works because dedicated staff at the pharmacies and insurance providers have spent long hours on the telephones figuring the shit out.

the dependency on oil has been exacerbated by politicians (republians especially) for decades. just now there is a project proposed for a wind farm off the coast of cape cod massachusetts
  • called the cape wind project,
  • that is languishing in beauracracy, red tape, the courts and all that crap that nobody understands. I realise that checks and balances prevent the president from interfering with the courts, but come on, it would be a sparkling reccomendation if the president gave his endorsement to the project.

    no child left behind is a joke. this plan hasn't actually made students smarter or more qualified, it makes them able to pass dot tests. whoopee. did you know that in my niece's school system they no longer teach phonics? The tool they teach the children is the idea that "if i know how a word begins and ends then i just put those letters, and that will be ok." well, actually love, that is a spelling mistake, and it's not ok. c-a-t spells cat, not k-t.

    on top of these, i really wonder if he is reading the same newspapers we are when he hears about the war in iraq. it really dosen't take a mental giant to realise that the war is not going as planned, and it's not going well. the soldiers are up shit's creek, for lack of a better term; and we can't keep shovelling good money after bad trying to dig ourselves out of the mess into which we were hoodwinked. At some point the well is going to be dry.

    three or so years ago, my company was going inventory the day bush decided to move the war to iraq. i vividly remember my coworker Ed say to me, "kris, it's situations like this that you have to trust your president. That is why he's the president and we aren't. he's better equipped to deal with this sort of problem than we are." At the time Ed explained it, he made it sound so sensible and logical. and when i listened to him i decided he was right. and i figured that George W had more info than i, so of course he was making a well informed and well thought out decision.

    I have to confess though, i'm just not so sure any more, and the more i think about it, the more i really have to come to the conclusion that Geoge W. Bush really has no blessed idea about much of anything. He's full of bluster and hot air, and piss & vinegar, but empty of diplomacy, foresight, or real skills.

    In short, we are in for a long three more years, and buckle your seatbelt it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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