Monday, February 20, 2006

time to go!

So today is the day my mother and i leave for Ireland. I'm leaving right from work. i hope i have everything i need. i'm catching up on junk and tying up loose ends here. i hope i remember to do everything, so when i get back next monday i won't have some shitstorm to sort out.

So this is our rough itinerary. we have lots of things to to. everyone says, boy that's a long flight for a short trip, but it's really not, the flight is only about 5 hours. the flight to orlando from logan is 3.5 hours. and i don't mind saying, if i'm gonna shell out $1500 for a vacation, it won't be orlando.

02/20/05 Depart from logan

02/21/06 Arrive in Dublin
Spend the day shopping. Go to Arnotts and Boots, Perhaps go to Dublin Public Library, see what has replaced Bewleys. Go to Christ Church Cathedral to look around. Go to the National Gallery or The National Museum. have pub supper or
perhaps get supper ready made at Marks and Sparks.

02/22/06 Spend the day in Dublin
Go to have coffee, and perhaps a curry. Go to Easons and the GPO.At 13.00 there is a guided tour of the Chester Beatty Library. in the afternoon, see about a matinee of the play with Ralph Fiennes, or see if there are any games being played at Croke Park this week. Wander around St Steven’s green. Go to Hickeys Fabric Shop and Marks and Spenser to do real shopping. Supper at a nice little place like that italian restraunt.

02/23/06 Take the Bus to Glendalough and Wicklow mountains.

02/24/06 Side adventure out of town
Early in the morning, take the Dart Train or Bus to Malahide Castle, then come back and go to the Winding Stair.Then later in the afternoon, take the Dart Train South to Bray to go to the fabric shops and yarn shops. Perhaps have supper or tea in Dun Laoghrie on the way back.

02/25/06 Fly Home (Booo!)

I'm going to try to post a web journal at cybercafes and what have you, but i might not be able to do so. one thing i like to do is send a post card to myself every day of the trip. you know, write it at the end of the evening, andthen post it the following morning, that makes a nice travel journal, and then you know you'll get at least one good photo a day.

more news later!


Wicklow Webmaster said...


I'd like to get your opinion on your visit to County Wicklow for a feature piece on - can you get in touch with webmaster (@) when you return from your trip?



PS - I just set up a blogger account to post a comment on your blog. I don't use bloggger normally.

kmsmaverick said...

oh, gosh, i thought you could post comments annonymously. well, now i see clearly that this blog does not allow annonymous comments. but i'm so glad you signed up and posted. i worried that my blog was uninteresting and no-one was reading it!