Friday, April 06, 2007

O Museu da lingua Portuguesa

so there is a museum for the portuguese language in São Paulo, Brazil. it is the only museum desicated to a language in the entire world! Though i've never been to Brazil, I've been to portugal, and i have many portuguese friends. so i'm planning on attending a keynote lecture given by the one of the directors of the museum, and you should too!

it's talking place at Boston University in Room B12, in the college of arts and sciences building on Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 5.00pm. the address for it is 725 Commonwealth Ave, Boston. you take the green line out past kenmore square. it's one of hte stops along there- if you take the train to mass art or the paradise, you've gone too far.

See you there!

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Ronise said...

Shame on me, I´m Brazilian and didn´t know there is such thing as a museum for our language!

By the way, I arrived here through craftster. Nice to meet you! ;)