Thursday, March 29, 2007

tomato juice wishes and security dreams

when i travel on a plane, i get tomato juice. I'm not sure why, but i always get tomato juice on a plane. there is something inherently special about a plastic cup with think red juice and a single ice cube. i think it's because i travel so infrequently that i associate the drink with it. When i travel, i try to consider the security check as part of the package. sure it's a pain, and it's a total free-for-all at the security gate; true the TSA workers can sometimes be right prats, but who cares? suffer through that part of the package, and before long, you'll have your tomato juice!

then you can land in some far away destination and do your best to fit in with the locals. try new things, try old things again- you know you love tehm after all. Go to the public library, take a bus and then the grocery store.

so yesterday i was entering purchase orders at my NEW job, (yay new job!) and whilst doing so i couldn't get the memory of the last trip to dublin out of my head, strange isn't it- memory. mom and i went last February, 2006. we were only there for a few days, but we jam lots of stuff into those short days. while we were there we went shopping. there is a road that goes away from trinity college, it's not grafton street, but it runs roughly parrallel to grafton. i'm not sure the name. but there is a fantastic book shop- Hodges and Figgis, i think, and there's an oxfam shop, and across the street there is a gourmet food shoppe.

It's funny to me, how i remember the most inane things about trips. not really funny i guess; i like it.
that's how i know the trip was a success!

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