Friday, March 09, 2007

boy is he handsome!

I don't usually go in for gushing about famous men and how i would love to be their wife, but i have to confess, that george clooney does cause some weak in the knees.

he sure is handsome. i suppose it's because he's sort of just regular, especially since if he's not on a movie he doesn't bother with hair dye. he just seems so approachable. I suppose girls and women must throw themselves at him, i imagine that if i ran into him at the ballgame i would probably have diminished motor functions, and i bet i would stutter and giggle in a high pitch too. but come on, he's got tremendous fashion sense, he's rediculously funny, and he's got that voice. and that smile.

this all came about because i watched that dopey movie One Fine Day yesterday. you know, with michelle phiffer- (another beautiful person, but we concentrating on the men right now) it's not a terribly creative movie- two people can't stand each other then they fall in love! so it's not too original, but it's cute and it's sweet and it's got some funny bits in it.

but at the end they are in her amazingly outfitted kitchen, which she could only afford if she were totally rich, or inherited the rent control from her parents, and he is trying to kiss her and it's just so preposterously sweet! then they fall asleep on the couch in the equally amazing living room and it's just so agonizingly romantic it's absurd. the reason i think the whole thing is a little believeable is because clooney is so believeable in that situation.

i do like that george clooney. he's dreamy.

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