Monday, March 12, 2007

I think i might start getting newsweek

i think that would be a good way to get some information. sort of like vitamins, but for my brain. I'm not sure i can float along in life without real facts. though it seems that the big cheese in washington gets along fine without real facts.

to get my mental vitamins, i've recently started to watch 60 minutes. it started with condoleeza rice at the beginning of the season- but now i have begun to watch it with regularity. i watched it yesterday. did anyone else watch 60 minutes yesterday? I wonder if the president ever watches 60 minutes.

what i wonder about the president is how can he blithely ignore all the ugly bits of his pet war in iraq. I really wonder if he truly is not aware of them.

lets start a list:
1. well, there's the stagering cost in dollars. it's hard for me to keep track of how much money we've sepent on the war- bloomberg has an article
  • here,
  • but even with the concise, well written article, i still can't get my head around how much we've actually shelled out.

    2. lets see, there's the absolute complete crumbling of any sort of diplomatic relationship, rapport and integrity in that neighborhood of the world.

    3. I suppose this could be 2a. there's the absolute complete crumbling of any sort of diplomatic relationship, rapport and integrity with many other nations the world. (note the reception to the current Latin American tour)

    4. there's the heart-stopping amount of collateral damage. between the civilians who are stuck there, the refugees who now are having difficulty finding a different place to be safe, and the iraqis who worked with the US troops who are now targeted as collaborators, I find it hard to believe that there is anyone still alive in iraq.

    5 and the coup de ta! the cost in US Soldiers. the price the army and the armed forces is paying is criminal. it really is. Though i understand that to leave now would leave things unfinished, but this is a civil war now. there are civil wars all over the globe that the US has kept at arms legnth, why is this one so important? the fact of the matter is that Iraq is an unstable place. yes saddam hussein was a dictator and he was cruel and he needed to be removed, but i'm not sure the subsequent civil war is ours to fight.

    then you add to it that soldiers who come home go to walter reed hospital, if they go at all, and it's posititively criminal. American construction companies would be in big trouble if they cared for injured men as poorly as they do at walter reed. the federal government would fine them!

    the other day there was a
  • scrub drive in Natick.
  • The organizers have said that it was compassion that was the root of it, and not politics. but come on, how can it not become political? how can the nurses not have enough scrubs?

    Could it be because this was an ill-conceived and ill-planned war, and that the ring leader behind it is short sighted, and didn't allow for that sort of thing? Could it be that this war is spiraling out of control with no end in sight? the fact of the matter is that the american people have been hoodwinked into this morass of suffering and ill-will, and it will take many years for us to recover.

    perhaps we are the ultimate dumb dumbs, but in the end we lose. the current administration is going to ride out their 35% approval rating, and go screw you other 65%. just because you are the majority, even though in a democracy majority rules. the current administration will contine on it's power trip of power trips, fuled my our very own zealots how gave it an approval. leaving the rest of us with little; no not little, NO recourse of the matter.

    Americans need more vitamins, for their body, and for their brains. We'll need to be strong for the upcoming weeks.

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