Monday, December 31, 2007


The 2007 NFL post season is upon us, and what to my wondering eyes do appear? A whole new crop of anti-patriots. There is just nothing worse than bandwagon jumpers- god how i hate those fans who only watch because the QB is so cute- or only watch because a team is suddenly good. How infuriatingly agonizing is it to watch a game with those kinds of fans.

Conversely, it is equally infuriating it is to watch a game with anti-fans. God, just listen and to read all the reports from newspapers around the country- the patriots have no respect, the patriots are arrogant, the patriots haven't actually done anything noteworthy yet when compared with the 72 dolphins. This is all because the season has been boring for the fans in other markets. Andy peloff is having this manufactured apoplexy with his idea that the patriots operate under the guide of humility, while the whole season they have actually been arrogant on the field when they play. Of course they have! No one has beaten them this season!

It is only reasonable to find a degree of confidence from the patriots they have beaten everyone! it becomes arrogant and insulting when trash talk and superiority comes from schmoes like anthony smith. Who?

The thing is, no one ever calls peyton manning arrogant, but y'know what? It's not very often that manning said something like- he's a good player; i hope they take the day off, it will make my game easier. Manning very seldom concedes that someone other than himself is a good player. He doesn't even go out of his way to say his own teammates are good players! God if that is isn't arrogant, I dunno what is!

This nfl post season is going to be both nauseating and riveting. I don't think i can take one more minute of the patriots (and they are my team!), manning, or tony romo and terrell owens.

Ugh. God, if i have to hear one more time how good tony romo is in his first full year, I might barf. If i hear just one more word about how good peyton manning is at calling the offence, I’ll commit harey carrey. God, but if one more announcer speaks about upsetting the perfect season or knocking the patriots back a notch; how in once game we can finally prove that the patriots aren’t that good after all, i can't be responsible for my actions.

Argh! Anti-fans are the worst! They are just the worst. They are a detriment to their own team's fan base. God if you hate the patriots, fine. But hate them on the basis of football, not on sportsmanship smoke and mirrors. At least admit that you hate them because you are jealous of them. Or admit that you're pissed because they beat your team. i suspect that no fan in the world would keep their 7 and 9 record instead of a 16-0 playoff bound record.

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MoSchu said...

Hey, what about us Patriots fans who may have noticed that your QB is hot, but also don't have much to cheer for in home town USA (don't get me wrong, I still call myself a Vikings fan, but sometimes I like to cheer for a team that can win)...does that make me an annoying fan even if I value the talent (nevermind you indirectly borrowed some of that talent from MN, in Moss and Maroney) that the Patriots have. I swear I wear my Brady jersey to church with pride;)