Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ellsbury should be untouchable

Dear Theo, A move to acquire Johan Santana by using Jacoby Ellsbury is foolish. 80% of the armchair GM's think this too. sure we aren't as smart as you, and sure we don't know all the facts, but what i do know is that Ellsbury is a better player than crisp. he's faster which is saying a lot, because crisp is fast. he plays the outfield as well, and he's as good a hitter as crisp. I don't believe Crisp in centerfield is the best team possible, I'm sorry, i just don't.

we already have a powerful rotation. acquiring santana would make it dizzying, for sure, but that leaves us with an outfield that is less powerful. (remember crisp has to play every day, and he doesn't always contribute every day. besides that- letting ellsbury go is 100% foolish in terms of batting order- who's going to lead off for us this year? julio Lugo? come on. Youkillis? along with his piano, sure. Crisp? a .330 On base % is not too shabby, but he's so remarkably streaky.

for me, ellsbury is too complete a player- he is too good and too young to trade him.



MoSchu said...

I agree, why don't we just leave Santana in Minnesota so all the Twins fans can stay happy. It's bad enough we lost Torii, do we need to loose our Ace too...and PLEASE don't send us Coco...we don't need a Coco, we already have a Boof!

kmsmaverick said...

yes, but we don't need a coco either! i was surprised to see torii hunter go- i sort of thought he would be in minnesota for ever. i'm a little disappointed he did that. i also wonder why the twins management is even considering trading santana.