Monday, January 21, 2008


Holy Cow! and that wasn't our most impressive offensive game ever. Maroney was very good, he's a crafty runner, not someone like Corey dillon. but here's a news flash to all those people who still want us to get corey dillon back (Dad) Crafty can get it done too. That game was very good. the weather sure did play a part in the game- it was hard to catch the ball. new england only had 198 yards passing, but the chargers only had 207. that is pretty even, the difference is that ladanian tomlinson didn't play. had he played- the game would have a very different score.

oooh but it was cold here on sunday- i would much rather watch football from the couch than actually play it in foxboro. it was one of those days that takes your breath away the minute you step onto the porch. no question the weather was a factor.

the new england defense was very impressive. the chargers were 0 for 3 in the red zone; they didn't even score a touch down. anyway you slice it, that is very good. It was a very good football game. the Chargers played well, the patriots played better. it's not personal, it's not anything other than the fact that the patriots are a complex, adjustable, talented and aggressive football team.

People can be pissed off because it's the scandalous patriots (come on, are you still bent about something that happened in week one?) or begrudge the record (is that cause you actually follow the dolphins?), teams can moan about how the patriots went 52 points on them (perhaps it's time to reassess the defense?) or how since 2000 the patriots are like these mean schoolyard bullies who win, win, win, and never let anyone get a chance to try it on for size (that's plain jealousy).

But everything boils down to the simple fact of the matter- the patriots are a talented football team, and they play well together. Sunday was a good example of it. Here we come arizona!

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