Monday, January 28, 2008

why trade Johan Santana

why do you think the twins are so interested in trading johan santana? Has he been unhappy? the twins are a pretty good team. this past season wasn't the greatest perhaps, but as far as i can recall, the twins were a team to be careful of. i sort of recall that they have always been pretty competitive.

have they decided that this is going to be a rebuilding year? there isn't anything wrong with a rebuilding year, but it seems that they could have used torii hunter and certainly santana as leaders, not to mention pretty dependable production from both of them. it seems strange to me. I kind of wonder why they are letting their good players- veterans if you will, go. And they would have to get some good players for johan santana. he's too good a pitcher right now for them to be satisfied with retreads, rookies, or even prospects.

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MoSchu said...

Nope, no good players, just 4 nobodies one of whom may end up taking Torii's place in Center. Sad...just sad...that this new team owner Smith doesn't know which end is up in baseball!