Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh god, how horrible

merriam webster defines Accident like this: 1 a: an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance. Curious that the definition leaves the emotion out. Merriam and Webster never tell us how heart wrenching they really can be; even for total strangers.

This horrible accident happened on the commute home yesterday. I spoke to my mom this morning and she said that the poor girl's dad was waiting at the next stop with her supper. Oh god i can hardly stand it. It's just so unfathomably sorrowful.

Every so often when i think my life sucks, these awful things happen and remind me to be more thankful, more appreciative and more deserving of the really great life I've got. I'm horrified that it took another family's sorrow in order to do so.

So in keeping with molly's TGIF idea, i'm gonna give it a go too. Though today is only thursday, i'll make a post anyway.
Today i am mostly thankful for my family. Even though they drive me nuts, I'm thankful that they help me, and they aren't too angry when i'm less than helpful. I really love my family. And i like to think they really love me too. A thought that makes me sad (because i am reminded of the poor man on the platform at Waban) is that my mom would bring me supper if i asked her to. I really am a lucky person, and i really am thankful for that.

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MoSchu said...

You're right, it seems like the definition should include something about how powerful the consequences can be! I never thought about it like that before.