Wednesday, January 20, 2010

now you work for ME too

so here are my thoughts on this. i’m terribly disappointed, but i can see how it happened. Fiscal responsibly really isn’t all bad, on premise. so using that as a major campaign tool was pretty smart; lots of people will vote for fiscal responsibility, regardless of which party is talking about it. If i’m honest, Martha Coakley wasn’t a swell candidate, but she was in favor of HC Reform; for me, the deal breaker issue is healthcare.

So. there is almost nothing we can do about this, other than make him work for us. he used the whole “people’s seat” and the “people want change” rhetoric, so i don’t wonder if it’s time to up the ante on our demands of our senator. Presumably he’ll have an office and an email, so perhaps it’s time for us to get our letter writing pens out, and get cracking.

So fine you aren’t going to vote in favor of this current healthcare reform bill, but guess what smarty pants, it’s time for you to present an alternative. How would you correct what is broken? I want healthcare that works for the majority of people, not just those who are lucky enough to have an employer who offers it (and said employer will give them 40 hours to make them eligible).

now hear this Senator Elect Brown; you say you’re working on behalf of all the people? well i’m in your constituency too, and i want healthcare reform, whether you do or not.

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