Tuesday, April 08, 2008

kimono jacket mania!

So i just recently began sewing clothing. i've made a couple of summertime skirts for myself, but clothing is still very intimidating. a cure for that? Children's clothing, YAY! As you have seen in my recent littlest googie posts, children's clothing is quick, usually easy, and it usually doesn't use too much fabric. Also, if you flub it up, you can start over with less remorse.

so here are my first forays into more complex clothing. kimono jackets!
This one is the very first. it's totally reversible, both because it's more useful that way, and because making it reversible allows me to have a much better looking product- i'm terrible at finishing.

This set also has some shoes made out of the scraps. These are so tiny though that they were not as fun to make. I suppose i should have made them by hand sewing, not using the machine.

Now, i also need to have a gift for my cousin's new baby. I hope she doesn't see this before the shower.
here is his kimono.

Boy fabrics and patterns are hard to find. Often times fabrics that are boyish are sort of ugly. but i think these are tremendously cute, and not in an overpowering drippy kind of way.

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