Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Here is what i love:

Trail mix! not the yucky kind you get in packages, oh no. I make my own. I make it on sunday evenings, and it lasts through the week for lunches.

here's what i buy:
1 bag dried apricots
1 bag dried cherries
1 bag dried apples
(these are all available in the raisin section, or the produce dept of the grocery)

1 package of pecans
1 package of whole almonds
1 package of chocolate chips
(look in the baking aisle for these)

1 box of some sort of cereal that doesn't have too much taste, but does have substance- shredded wheat squares, or the like.

Here's what i do:
I use about 1/2 package of the dried fruits, a handful or two of the nuts and cereal, and a single handful of the chocolate chips. Now, to start, you should toast the nuts in the toaster, on the shortest cycle. just enough for them to get toasty and warm, not long enough to burn. When they come out, throw them in a metal 13x9x3 rectangle pan and toss the chips over them so the chips get melty, but keep their shape. set aside so the nuts and chips begin to get cool.

Set aside, and begin work on the fruits- chop the apricots roughly, so you sort of get three pieces from each one. same for the apples if needed. then, throw everything into the pan with the nuts and chips (that are sort of melty cool now) and toss around so the chocolate gets on somethings, and not on others. you really want the chocolate to be on the other stuff, but not so that its too hard to eat with your hands. Spread everything out in the rectangle pan and set aside to thoroughly cool. then scoop into snack size baggies- 1/3 to 1/2 cup serving size please! Viola! you have a whole week's worth of tasty trail mix.

you can mix it up any way you like- i tried cinnamon chips in there- not my favorite. I also sometimes use apple jacks for the cereal. other times i use cranberries instead of the cherries. I once used prunes because i could only find mixed dried fruit that day- hey are tasty, but, there are other.... benefits shall we say. You can put pretzel sticks in there too. I get roughly two mixes out of a single package of the fruit. The other stuff is really just pantry junk you probably already have on hand.

It's quite tasty, and according to these nutrition facts, while it might not top the list of great foods, it's not so bad for you that you'll feel too guilty.

try it, you'll like it!

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