Saturday, February 21, 2009

latest crafty crafts

so, i've been lamenting my recent frivolous purchases of fabric. i really should stop buying fabric without a project in mind, but alas, i have no self control. but that's ok, today i made these nifty change purses!

The orange one is the prototype, so there are a few mistakes on it, the blue one is better, and the black one is the best of the three, but there are craftsmanship flaws with all three. i wish i was better at finishing. those snaps look really crummy. i'll have to go to to see if there is a better option than the snaps.

the black one is a little bit larger than the other two, it's large enough for the ipod that i purchased in another bout of poor self control.

1 comment:

MoSchu said...

Very cute! For your crafty "flaws" you are way better that I am with a sewing machine! Very inspiring!