Friday, February 06, 2009

Ah, it's Truck Day!

Dear readers, you'll know that i'm often remiss with my capitalization. sometimes i don't even capitalize peoples names and such. but you will notice, that i always capitalize Truck Day. Truck Day is worthy of such distinction. Truck Day is more than just looney New englanders investing more emotion than is healthy into their sports teams, it's a tangible (even touchable for some brave folks who went to yawkey way) reminder that winter is not going to get the best of us, no sir.

And could we use that reminder! We started out this winter with an ice storm that knocked out power for four weeks for some people, then it's snowed 8-12 inches just about once a week for a four weeks subsequent to that ice storm, Add to it that it's been frigid cold for most of the season. Toss in the crummy economy; and boy, we need spring.

but have no fear! it's Truck Day, and that means spring is near. pitchers and catchers report on thursday. And then it's sun and fun, fungos and flyballs. bring on the funny looking tan lines and the double sessions! Hoo hoo hoo!

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