Friday, January 30, 2009

a little bit of baseball heresy

hold on to your pink hats girls, but i've got a bit of news for you about your boyfriend. He's a jerk. let's not dress it up. Somehow or another he was put on this pedestal of selflessness and ego strokes, and he LAPPED it up. So now, since so many people fell for this act, we're stuck with out a catcher. the sox traded away all thier prospects thinking that varitek would stick with them, (lets not even touch the fact that he was never going to stay young for a moment) Even though he's played this game before.

he played it when he was still in college, then he played it again after finishing college
Varitek opted to return to Georgia Tech for his senior year after being drafted in the first round by the Minnesota Twins in 1993. He then reentered the draft and was selected in the first round by the Seattle Mariners in June 1994, then signed with the St. Paul Saints of the Northern League because he could not come to terms with the Mariners.

Varitek never played for the Saints and eventually signed with the Mariners in April 1995, but he lost almost a full year of development.
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Then he harangued the sox into a $40 million 4 year deal in 2004; and lest we forget, he has always worked with scott boras, who is world renowned as a top drawer bulldog in the dollar department. Players only work with him if their greed and ego can manage him and his. Make no mistake, it's not a coincidence that Varitek works with him.

Sorry, but when every one starts pissing and moaning about how it's just a game and how can you be so greedy, and what's the diff between 5 mil a year and 8? and All the lamentation of in this economy you're holding out, you should be so lucky as to not get laid off. All the venom sent towards manny, and teixeira, and yes, even A-Rod; you best include the captain, be that is exactly what he is right now.

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