Monday, January 26, 2009

Be careful, the bevvy you are about to enjoy.....

may be very hot!

so what you need is a coffee cosy!

I made this over the weekend. it's supposed to go on coffee like those from caribou, or panera. what is strange is that i seldom stop there any more. Coffee from a Shop was one of the first things to get the ax when i was making hard financial choices. (that particular one was hard on everyone else, as the adjustment from high-caff to half-caff was significant!)

but this is a fun project, and it's totally earth friendly, as it's reusable and not made of paper. it's even made from scraps, so the fabric was re-purposed. plus- machine washable. this is a prototype, so this one will probably stay with me. now i've got my legs under me with the project i'll make a few more for my friends who might like em.

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MoSchu said...

Sweet! I bought one of these...darn it I just could have meade one, this looks simple enough, is it velcro?