Tuesday, January 27, 2009

coffee cuffs

here's the one i made yesterday before soccer. (which we lost, unfortunately. we were short on boys, and then our one sub went down with an injury of sorts, and those who were left played for a long time with no subs, but i digress)

anyway, these are pretty easy to make. one could sew them by hand if they wanted, but i never want, so i used the little engine that could. All you have to do is carefully unglue the one you get from the shop, then trace it on tissue paper. then use a nice metal ruler with nice markings, and measure 1/2 inch all around the edge. connect the dots, and now you have a pattern!

cut one of the outside, one of the lining and two of muslin for the interface. make your fabric sandwich, with right sides facing, and the muslin on the outside of the sandwich. then sew along the three edges, leaving the flat end seam undone. Oh, use a 1//4 inch seam allowance! Now, clip your corners, clip your seam triangles, and turn rightside out and run an iron over it. fold in the flat end there, and press. now run a top stitch all along the edge, sewing the turning hole closed as you go. Alrighty. Now, on the ones at the coffee shop, there's the little flap there, where they apply glue- you can do the same, with a velcro coin or snaps. Me? i just sewed the flap to the edge of the cuff. it looks the same as the blue one, but it's not exactly.

here's the blue one on an actual coffee.

Here's my only concern with these neat things. What's the point if they go on a throw away cup? I know it's every litter bit helps, but here's what i would like: a plastic cup, exactly the same shape, size, volume, diameter, weight and everything as this Dunkin Donuts cup. Decor craft sells I Am Not A Paper Cup but that's not really what i'm after. i don't want porcelain. i want a plastic cup. is there no one who can help me? Perhaps i should pitch it to the dragon's den, and make a fortune selling coffee cups with coffee cuffs.

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