Wednesday, January 14, 2009

hoo hoo! the letter arrived at it's destination!

yipee! Do you know what this is? This is the letter containing my application for a renewal passport! yaaay! that means the only thing standing in my way now is the possibility that i sent the wrong form, or didn't send enough cash. It's 75 clams to renew you passport. $75! but that's ok. it's valid for ten years, so that's only Seven.fifty per year.

so here's the plan- me mam and i are headed to the west of ireland for me birthday! yippee skippy! Everyone should turn 34 at the cliffs of Moher. We're gonna use the town of ennis as a hub, rent a car and go see the towns where mam's family came from. yaaay!

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MoSchu said...

Jealous! If you got to Donegal stop at the Scottsman's Bar for a Jameson or a bailey's for me would ya? Or better yet...a BULMERS!!!! Yummy!