Thursday, February 12, 2009

more sweater progress

Here's where i am with this cabled raglan. it's coming along, slowly but surely. I'm not sure why, but sleeves tend to be my crafty nemesis. they are usually too short, and often times too loose, but this one happens to be far too long, and also too loose. i haven't decided if i'll undo it and make it tighter.

But so far it looks pretty ok. i'll have to undo the band at the bottom- the cable makes the front scrunch ip a bit, so the hem is somewhat wonky and uneven. i think what i'll do is carry the Cable panel down through the hem.

i've just got to do one more cable sleeve, and then it will be finished. I hope to be able to post it in a week or so. perhaps i'll put some good time into it this weekend (whilst the laundry is doing itself?).

sherman thinks it's for him.

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